Rockford gas station drops price to $2.79 per gallon

Owner says he wants to help residents in his community.
Owner Heythem Sahori has been running the gas station since 2017.
Owner Heythem Sahori has been running the gas station since 2017.(WIFR)
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 1:44 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Free tacos and cheap gas? What are you waiting for!

Until 3 p.m. Tuesday, owner Heythem Sahori is helping community members by offering fuel deals and lunch at his gas station, the Citgo Way Low at 2914 W. State St., Rockford.

“Everybody’s struggling right now. In some places, gas prices are $4, $5- $6 a gallon. So, it’s just good to help the community every once in a while,” Sahori said.

Sahori says he hopes this promotion boosts morale in the area; when someone can fill up their tank for $30 or $40 when they used to fill it up for $80, they’ll feel better about their day.

When asked how he was able to give the price cut, he said “I’m losing money, basically. I mean there’s no secret way about it,” with a smile.

It’s obvious to Sahori where his priorities lie.

“I love (seeing all of the people here). These are my community, the people that feed my family.”

This isn’t the first time Sahori has given discounts on fuel; he likes to do something like this for his community about once a year.

He said when gas was cheaper, he used to have a 99-cents per gallon promotion, and as prices rose, his promotional price had to increase.

Watch the full interview with Heythem Sahori below:

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