Skin & Co. relocates after being impacted by Madison burglaries

A Madison business has moved to a new location after being robbed back in May.
Published: Aug. 27, 2022 at 7:33 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A Madison business has moved to a new location after being robbed back in May.

The Skin and Co., one of several businesses robbed in the Clock Tower Court strip mall on Mineral Point Road, is now operating out of Cottage Grove.

Owner Kelly Scheinkoeng said the decision came down to feeling safe.

“It was really looking at seeing where our space was, if we felt safe where we were, and we did not, so we decided to check other communities in the area and we landed on Cottage Grove and we feel very blessed to be in the area,” Scheinkoeng said.

Earlier this week, Madison police arrested a suspect who was allegedly involved in the robberies.

Lisa Olson, who is a business partner of Skin and Co. and owns Ultimate Touch Nail Studio, said the store had been robbed before, nearly six years ago.

Olson said this time around, it felt different.

“I would say this second time was much more violent,” Olson said. “It definitely felt more premeditated, and I was really on the edge of wanting to be done because I was tired of it… and [Cottage Grove] is where we decided to go.”

The burglary back in May is what led a business owner like Olson, who had been operating in the Madison area for nearly 30 years, to move elsewhere.

Olson isn’t the only one seeking to relocate.

In a press conference on Aug. 24, Detective Sergeant of the Madison Police Burglary Crime Unit, Scott Reitmeier, said other businesses impacted by recent burglaries have voiced their desire to leave.

“They’ve conveyed to us that they want to research moving their business to another location,” Reitmeier said. “These crimes affect the working people at Madison and all of us.”