UPS driver in Iowa rescues dogs from drowning in backyard pool

Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM CDT
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IRETON, Iowa (KMEG/CNN) - Dogs and delivery men don’t always have a great relationship, but an Iowa UPS driver is being credited with saving two of his customers’ dogs from drowning.

It was a normal day for Colin Mitchell, dropping off a package at the home of Jeff and Rebecca Marra.

As he was walking back to his truck, despite it being hot outside, he felt it was strange to see two dogs swimming in a pool without their owners being around.

He then knocked on the door and realized they were unsupervised, and their owners were not home.

“I took a step back and knocked a little louder, rang the doorbell...nothing...and then I decided it was best to investigate slightly,” Mitchell said. “As I approached the pool, I could see a dog hanging on the side, inside the pool and I could see a dog swimming around on the solar cover, the water blanket, basically.”

The gate to the pool is usually locked, but on that day, the dogs somehow jumped over the gate.

Colin then ran to the pool, removed his socks and shoes to try to save them.

He worked to get Groot, the smaller dog out, and Remington, who weighs 90 pounds, took a little bit more effort.

“I could get on my knees and just pull it out,” Mitchell said. “He took a little more leverage where I got my legs in the pool. I had to get a good grip on him because the first time I was on my knees I couldn’t get him out, and then he swam back over to his corner.... and we tried again...I had to make sure I can get him out the second time...I didn’t want them swimming back and forth a whole bunch of times.”

Once both the dogs were back in the yard, Mitchell, a dog owner himself, gave a sigh of relief and continued his route for the day.

The next day, Mitchell stopped by to check on the dogs. The Marras were shocked and thankful.

“If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have dogs, that’s no question about it,” Jeff Marra said.

The Marras say both their dogs are rescues. Thanks to Colin Mitchell, the UPS driver, they were rescued again.