Four Ukrainian families embrace their culture in Stoughton

Four Ukrainian families resettled in Stoughton
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 10:40 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -Four Ukrainian families recently resettled in Stoughton. Friday they were welcomed by their new community with old traditions.

Stoughton resettlement assistance program helped families transition to life here in the United States. Wisconsin is home to 75,000 refugees. A member of the program, Sharon Mason-Boersma says this weekend is about celebrating Ukrainian culture.

“Its’s a celebration event and the good thing is that we got to plan it with them,” said Mason-Boersma.

One family says they feel blessed to be here and they are overwhelmed by the help.

“Now we have a house and eat. Thank you, God, and thank you many kind people and friendship,” said Ukrainian refugee Katya Babya.

Volunteer Mary Hanson says no matter where you are--you can help others.

“And you think what can I do? It’s way over there but this is something we can do. We can do it right here. And we can help people with whatever skills we have,” said Hanson.

She says it’s the small things that count.

“But I can sure wash the sheets and make the bed and fill up the cupboards,” said Hanson. Some of the kids say they are adjusting well to Wisconsin and Stoughton feels like home. Maria Sokor says she loves school.

“I like here the school and I already found some friends and they are already so kind. Teachers are kind too,” said Sokor.