Parrot lands on umpire during collegiate softball game

Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 11:10 AM CST
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(CNN) – Most everyone has heard of a rain delay at sports events, but what about a parrot delay?

That’s what happened when a pair of parrots invaded a college women’s softball game, and one of them landed on the home base umpire.

The birds took over the field, causing a flap and freaking out the women’s softball players at the University of Central Florida’s field and causing an umpire to duck.

Chad Stears was the home plate umpire when one of the parrots made a home on his shoulder.

“I felt the wind from the wings and a gasp from the crowd,” he explained.

Stears was so unfazed he pretended to put on his mask as if to resume the game with the parrot on him.

When he tried to touch the bird, the parrot retreated to the other shoulder.

Megan Brown, Tiki and Lelu’s owner, was letting them fly free behind the stadium and said they always come back.

“Tiki’s the one who eventually got tired and decided to land on the umpire,” Brown said, adding she was a little surprised Tiki didn’t nip the umpire when he touched him.

After about half a minute sitting on Stears’ shoulder, one of the grounds crew lured Tiki to him and escorted the bird out.