Madison single mom fears for family’s safety at Meadowlands apartment

A resident of an east side ‘chronic nuisance’ complex says it’s time for her and her family to pack their bags.
Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 10:43 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A resident of a ‘chronic nuisance’ complex on Madison’s east side says it’s time for her and her family to pack their bags.

A tenant who lives at the Meadowlands apartment complex says her family has endured physical harm, damage to their property and no constructive resolutions with property management.

Single mom, Kiana Sims moved into the apartments almost a year ago and tells me she has not had any peace, often fearing for her family’s safety.

“Very traumatizing, over stimulating, stressful. Always in fear, no protection,” Sims said.

The Meadowlands
The Meadowlands(NBC15)

The complex just had its chronic nuisance declaration extended. Sims recounts a night where her living room television was smashed by other tenants in the building.

“Outside neighbors, like children kicking in my doors, breaking my stuff artwork,” Sims said.

Right away, Sims went to police to report the crime. Then she turned to the property managers for reinforcement. Instead of help from the head of the building, Sims says she feels her report backfired when a 14-day termination notice appeared on her door shortly after. Alongside other inspection warnings.

“And I do feel like due to me doing that it’s been….I don’t matter for standing up for me and my kids.”

As a single working mom in school she describes every day as a struggle.

“It is very hard to have to get up, pay rent and have to always be in fear if you’re going to get kicked out or we’re going to get into it with someone,” Sims said.

Seeking help from an attorney, Sims is working with the Tenant Resource Center and the Progress Center for Black Women. CEO and Founder of the center Sabrina Madison stepped in as a mediator.

“At the end of the day do you value the people who are helping you finance your property? And what I have found is based on the folks we work with, the answer is no,” Madison said.

Madison believes the concerns of the tenants are not being resolved by the property managers.

“It really just comes down to folks not being safe there, and it’s not an environment they want to raise their kids in,” Madison said.

Sims’ exact thoughts are that almost any other place would be safer for her family.

“My plan is to move,” Sims said. “I don’t really want to go to a shelter because I would feel like that’s backtracking. That’s why I’ve stayed so long and that’s very traumatic on kids as well as me.”

KCG, the property managers, told NBC15 they are aware of the issues and are working with the city of Madison. KCG will host an open house with community partners to provide resources.

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