MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Traditional sights and smells of the Thanksgiving holiday are being served up in non-traditional ways this year.

The pandemic has forced restaurants in south central Wisconsin to adapt. This year for Turkey-Day, local restaurants gave people the option for a sit-down dinner or a take home Thanksgiving Day meal

Many people are embracing that new normal.

“I really didn’t want to cook today,” takeout customer, Sara Wolf said. “Usually we go to my husband’s family in Menominee Falls and there are usually about 20-30 people, so we knew it was going to be a little different this year.”

Other customers chose to dine-in on Thursday.

“I was just online doing research to see what was open,” dine-in customer Demond Medlin said. “I figured we’d just come out earlier in case they had a crowd or anything and be the first ones to get in and get out.”

No matter how you choose to break tradition this year, it’s about giving thanks for what you have.

“We know that there’s so much going on in the world and at the end of the day it’s always good to reminisce about what we do have what we can do and the love that we can share with everyone,” dine-in customer Judson Fraley said.

These options have left some customers with a new tradition, they’re willing to repeat.

“Absolutely, why not have someone else cook for me and have delicious food ready for me and support the food and service industry as well,” Wolf said.

NBC15 News checked in with four Madison-area restaurants to track the numbers.

Circ, inside the Madison Concourse Hotel sold 80 curbside meals, and booked around 30-40 reservations for dine-in customers.

Rare Steakhouse booked about 70 tables for Thursday and sold 150 curbside dinners.

The Great Dane sold more than 275 meals for people to take home and made a few dozen in-person reservations.

Merchant reported total of 300 curbside meals sold for Thanksgiving Day.

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