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Ganser Company has been a locally-owned and operated family business proudly serving the Greater Dane County area for more then 75 years. Serving Madison, Monona, McFarland, Verona, Fitchburg, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and surrounding areas for all roofing, siding, window, and repair needs.

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Energy Efficient Window & Door Replacement

At the Ganser Company, our experts are able to install doors that are made of fiberglass. We can add colors that match the tones of the house's siding, and the doors are equipped with seals that prevent cold air from entering the residence. Furthermore, our business sells and installs windows that feature sizable latches and durable grills.

The Benefits of Fiberglass
Numerous studies have indicated that this material is able to withstand more pressure than vinyl and wood. The fiberglass of our company's products will not become warped, and mold will never develop within the material.

Energy Efficiency
Each of our windows has two panes, yet numerous analyses have indicated that the products are able to reflect heat as effectively as windows with three panes. In order to prevent small leaks, you can order windows that have a custom size.

Heavy-Duty Latches
Made of metal, these especially durable products are designed to stop burglars, and one study indicated that the presence of latches will deter more than 25 percent of potential intruders. The locks can also prevent children from falling out of the window.

Cleaning the Glass
When our enterprise's windows have been installed on a house's second floor, the homeowner will be able to easily reach the outer panes of the windows from the home's interior. Furthermore, our experts can give the customer step-by-step instructions for effectively cleaning the windows.

The Designs of Our Doors
Our business sells doors that consist of fiberglass or steel, and the fiberglass has the same appearance as high-quality wood. When selecting a door, a customer can choose glass that has a wide variety of artistic designs. Additionally, our company's doors will never become cracked or dented.

Durable Seals
Made of rubber, these products will prevent water from seeping underneath the door. According to one study, weatherstrips can reduce a house's energy costs by 8 percent.

Learning More Information
When you purchase five windows, our experts will install five additional windows for free. All of our company's products have been made in the United States, and each window comes with a lifetime warranty.

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