Bath Creations by Ganser Company


Your bathroom is the first place you go when you wake up and the last place you go before bed, but the design and layout isn’t always what you want. You may be missing some crucial amenities, or you may be wondering how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Whatever the case, our experienced bathroom designers can help.

Our expert bath designers have customized and renovated hundreds of bathrooms in the past few years, and they’d be delighted to discuss your project. Your bathroom should fit your needs and lifestyle.

Low Cost and Low Maintenance Bathroom Solutions

Our exclusive product line, ranging from spa showers to walk-in tubs, is constructed out of the toughest acrylic – specially designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily bathroom use. The acrylic is custom-fitted to your existing bathroom and installed with triple-seal technology. Not only will your new bathtub or shower be stunning, but it will also fit seamlessly into your current design and protect your home from harmful water damage.

Ganser Has The Answer

If you are in need of a new bathroom installation, Ganser has the answer! Give us a call or visit our website for your complimentary in home consultation. Our dedicated team won’t rest until we have the answer to your home improvement needs.

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