Are You Feeding Your Brain a Healthy Diet?

Published: May. 21, 2019 at 2:49 PM CDT
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As a mom I feel like I am constantly short on brain storage. The reality of “Mom Brain” came surging into my world shortly after the birth of my first son and has been a constant source of frustration ever since. Because of that I already know I have the desire to keep my brain as healthy as possible. But as added incentive, we have the sad and unfortunate reality of having witnessed the decline of my husband’s mother because of Alzheimer's Disease. If there is research that says that horrific affliction could be avoided, especially through something as controllable as what we eat, we would all be wise to adhere to it. Here is my interview with Registered Dietician Julie Andrews

about her cookbook that shares research and recipes to help us make deliciously good choices that will support our brain health.

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