Latest Innovations Give You True Look of Hardwood Floors

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Sponsored - Hardwood floors are still the gold standard of flooring. Hardwood flooring is timeless and never really goes out of style. “Hardwood is beautiful and you really can’t replicate the natural beauty of hardwood and the fact that you’re not going to see that same visual over and over again like you might see in a luxury vinyl or a laminate,” said Angela Skalitsky, Lead Designer at FLOOR360.

But if you don’t have a trained eye, or actually know ahead of time what you’re looking at, the new products on the market that imitate the hardwoods will very likely surprise you and make getting what you want even easier.

“Absolutely, I think the visuals just keep getting better and the engineering keeps getting better,” Skalitsky said. “There’s also a texture with a lot of these products too.”

One perfect solution for many households that want the look of hardwood but the practicality of tile is to get wood look tile that emulates the look of hardwood. With advances in technology, many people can not distinguish between the two products.

“If you want the look of hardwood but it’s in an area where there might be moisture you can certainly use a wood look tile,” Skalitsky said. “You could lay it in a herringbone pattern, you can stagger it like a hardwood floor would be, whatever you like. But in master bathrooms, mudrooms, these are great areas for this product.”

Another option for the look of hardwood with better durability is luxury vinyl, which has upped its game as well. “Luxury vinyl planks come in individual strips, and have glue down options, or floating options so it’s something you can put throughout your whole first floor, or just put in your mudroom,” Skalitsky explained. “But again, this option has really great texture, really great coloring. This floor can trick you very easily into believing it’s hardwood.”

You very well may be fooled by the latest laminate products on the market today as well.

“Laminate is really a picture of hardwood and it will hold up to a family a little bit more than a hardwood might,” Skalitsky said.

But hardwood floors being used today have much more durability and stamina to old up to heavy use from busy families.

“Yes, the finishes that they can put on the hardwoods are definitely going to hold up better, there are wider planks that they are doing now, you have European oak visuals are so beautiful,” Skalitsky said. All the advances in design and product options makes choosing new flooring even more overwhelming without direction from an expert who can help advise you on what would be best in your home.

“We have designers who can help and are really great about asking the right questions and offering different products that they think will best suit your needs,” Skalitsky said. “We’re here to help.”

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