Project Money: Meet Team Sara

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Sara Heiss is a single mom with three kids and is NBC15's next team introduction for Project Money.

Heiss is a full-time high school English teacher with two master's degrees and is a newly single mom after going through a divorce.

Heiss has struggled with credit card debt, mortgage payments and home equity loans. She told NBC15 she hopes her children learn valuable lessons from Project Money to show them the importance of having better economic habits to live a more comfortable life.

With Heiss' daughter going to college next year, Heiss wanted to teach her the importance of finding the right balance between wants and needs.

"When your parents give you money and when you didn't have to work for it but now that I have a job, I spent four hours doing something so I can get this and it's not just handed to me," Grace Heiss said.

NBC15 will introduce the next team, Megan and Scott, on Friday.

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