Project Money: Team Megan and Scott

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- Team Megan and Scott are excited for the next chapter in their lives, but before tying the knot, they're saying "I do" to a few other financial commitments.

Megan and Scott

"My whole plan to propose to her kind of got spoiled," said Scott Meyer.

Learning to roll with the punches is something Megan Costanzo and Scott Meyer are already pretty good at.

"I actually thought it might happen, and then seconds right before it happened yeah, no it's not happening," explained Megan.

But it did, Scott popped the question to Megan one year ago at a fourth of July party in their backyard.

This young couple is finding out very quickly that they need to get serious about their finances.

"We're engaged and planning a wedding. So that's one of the main reasons we wanted to apply for Project Money. And on top of that with our stable full time jobs, we just find that we're running and running and running and we're making payments, but we're really not getting anywhere. I think it's because we've been basically been having fun and not really giving ourselves any discipline," said Megan.

For Megan and Scott, their taking those first baby steps.

"We kind of made the long engagement for that reason. There's a lot of people that go into debt for their weddings. We don't want that. We want the next day after the wedding to go on a honeymoon. Everything is paid off, the checks are written, and that's why we've set up a pretty strict budget,' explained Scott.

They're also tracking their spending and keeping it organized as they've learned everything adds up quickly.

"What we did was we took a bunch of information that we found online and made a budget relative to that whether it's bridal attire or stationary or beverages," said Megan.

Adding to the financial stress of prenuptial planning.

Scott said, "A year and a half and three realtors so a little stressful."

Megan and Scott made their first major purchase together buying a home in October 2016.

"We got the house of our dreams. Not just our starter home, but we'll be there fora while," said Scott.

All of this on top of paying off student loans and managing day to day living.

Scott explained,' It's so easy to swipe your card and then I'll pay it off, but you get the points for using your credit card. I've been really taught to track the numbers and that's the big thing for me that is kind of the eye opener as well. we didn't realize we're spending that much money on groceries. Okay, that pretty much feeds a family of six. We're two people. We need to cut it back."

"I think a lot of the things we've learned through Summit you don't know until you get into that situation," added Megan.

Young professionals soon to be newlyweds and a growing family with their three fur babies, look forward to growing their savings just as their love has grown over the past several years.

"Just a little extra help to kind of get us where we want to be," said Scott.

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