Project Money: Meet Team Angie & Cris

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) With a very active 9-year-old son, Blake and 6-year-old daughter, Carly...and working full time as a hotel revenue manager and a union carpenter, Angie and Cris Nelson of Sun Prairie are always on the go.

Blake, Cris, Angie, and Carly Nelson of Sun Prairie

Finding the time to manage their money can be tough. When they both got recent promotions and raises, they applied to Project Money to help them manage their money in the best way possible.

In Project Money, four families team up with a financial coach at Summit Credit Union to increase their savings and reduce their debt. The most successful team wins $10,000.

Angie said, "I wanted to have someone help us know where to invest our money, or if we should save our money, or if we should have an emergency savings for our kids' college. We want to be able to know what to put where to look toward the future."

That future also includes eventually moving down the road and building a dream home on a finished lot they've purchased. Their daughter Carly has a neuromuscular disease and they want to be sure she has a completely accessible home, if her disease progresses.

Cris said, "We want to make sure that she has a home that she's comfortable being in. If for some reason she ever does end up being confined to a wheelchair, I want to be sure she can get around to every single room in the house"

Saving for that new home, retirement, and making sure their kids don't have massive college loan debt, all goals the Nelsons hope to attain. Only a few weeks into their financial makeover, they're already seeing results.

Cris said, "It's helping me learn to be responsible with money. I've spent and spent frivolously for years--stop and get a cup of coffee in the morning, stop and get a snack in the afternoon, go out for lunch every day. It was nothing to spend $35-$40 a day. We got involved in the project, and I'm seeing the savings in that by packing my own lunches, by making my own coffee in the mornings. I'm seeing those savings add up every single week....and it's amazing. It's a very easy way to save a lot of money."

He's excited to, "Watch this thing keep growing."

You can follow their stories and candid conversations by checking out the Project Money blogs, videos and Facebook pages. Follow the entire Journey at Project Money.