1 million meals given to students through school food programs

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- School districts throughout the state have continued to provide for the needs of their students and families despite closing for the rest of the year. One of those needs is food.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is working with the schools to make sure they can continue to give meals to students and families through the food programs already in place. Those programs include the National School Lunch Program's Seamless Summer Option and the Summer Food Service Program.

Recently, DPI surpassed 1 million meals given to students during this time. DPI said this shows how great the need is right now.

"School districts just really went with it, they did what was best. They did it even if they weren't gonna get reimbursed for the meals and they just kept going because they knew the need was great and that they needed to take care of the children," Amanda Cullen, Director of Community Nutrition Programs at DPI, said.

Schools reached out to families who participate in their food programs, but DPI said if families income situation has changed during the pandemic that families should reach out to their local school districts to apply to get those benefits.

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