10k donation replenishes Reach-A-Child book supply for MPD

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- The Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation announced a 10 thousand dollar grant to Reach-A-Child. The organization provides resources to law enforcement and first responders to comfort kids in crisis.

The grant ensures that each police squad is equipped with a First Responder bag containing 20 children’s books & drawstring backpacks. When First Responders encounter a child-in-crisis, they offer the child a book which the child gets to keep. The First Responder also gives the child a drawstring backpack to put the book in – and anything else the child might have to keep with them.

"So often in our work we are coming into contact with children, the most vulnerable in our midst, sometimes they may have witnessed something horrific or been involved in an accident or have seen or been privy to domestic violence," Police Chief Mike Koval said.

"Children a lot of times, they’re thinking about what just happened and to be able to provide them with a book, it’s so nice. Not only are they able to kind of keep their hands busy, but they’re also able to read or read to somebody and look at pictures, so it really takes her mind off of what just happened." Madison Police officer Jodi Nelson said.