18 Wheels for Bubba

Published: Aug. 18, 2018 at 8:03 PM CDT
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Dakota Cadd, 16, sits in his wheelchair in his family's front yard located along Highway 26 and waves at truck drivers passing by, trying to get them to blow their horns.

Truck drivers have seen him sitting out there and not only honked their horns, but they gave him t-shirts and hats from their respective trucking companies.

Dakota has Dandy-Walker Malformation, which affects brain development and movement coordination. He also has cerebral palsy, he can walk with assistance, he has cognitive delays and has Ataxia (shaking weak muscles, with occasional spasms) along with mild seizures.

But, none of that matters to the truck drivers.

"When he was little we wanted him to gain weight so we started calling him "Bubba" and that's how he got the nickname," Peggy Cadd, Dakota, "Bubba's" mom said.

The truck drivers decided to put together a small backyard barbecue event for Bubba and in three weeks it turned into a party that brought 150 trucks and 1,000 truck drivers together at Schilberg Park in Milton.

"He's got a lot of love in his heart, he grabs you, he wants hugs or kisses and he definitely wants your cap," Tinker Raasch Owner and Operator of Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking said.

Tinker drove all the way from Nebraska to celebrate Bubba's birthday.

"We're actually more his fans, you know, look what he brought together," Tinker said.

Bubba's birthday was August 15 and he turned sixteen. He was driven home at the end of the party by one of the truck drivers who attended the celebration.