2019 "Friends of Education" announced

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Wisconsin's State Superintendent named five organizations as 2019 Friends of Education for their work on behalf of students.

Carolyn Stanford Taylor will be presenting the awards on Thursday.

"Commitment from the community is part of what it takes to raise our next generation, and I thank the Friends of Education for their wonderful work," said Stanford Taylor. "From informing the public to inspiring students, providing financial assistance or emotional and social supports, these groups are making a big difference for young people."

The awards will be presented 5 organizations including Discovery World, Lena Lions Club, GSAFE, and The Teacher's Closet. To learn more about the 2019 Friends of Education recipients, click here.

Four educators will also be recognized as the 2020 Teachers of the Year.
They include:

  • Chelsea Miller of Jefferson, an art teacher at Sullivan and West elementary schools in the Jefferson School District.

  • Erin McCarthy of Milwaukee, an eighth-grade social studies teacher at Greendale Middle School.

  • Chad Sperzel-Wuchterl of Milwaukee, an art teacher at Reagan High School in Milwaukee Public Schools.

  • Bawaajigekwe Andrea DeBungie of Washburn, a special education teacher at Ashland Middle and Lake Superior Elementary schools in the Ashland School District.