A prom to remember in Wisconsin

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DENMARK, Wis. (WBAY) -- High school students set up for a prom they will never forget and part of a touching story of love and acceptance.

"It just shows that our class is really accepting and we don't see others as having difference. We're more alike than different," said Leah Kralovetz, a high school junior.

While his classmates decorated the gym, Justin Mleziv practiced his dance moves.

He's had his calendar circled for months.

"Saturday, April 7th, I'm going to prom on Saturday and my parents are getting me ready," said Justin with a smile.

And Justin isn't just going to prom: his junior class voted him on to the prom court.

"We were told he would never fit in with his peers. He'd be an outsider, and to have his peers step up like this and really accept him and embrace him. Words can't explain it. It's really cool," said Justin's dad, Greg Mleziva.

Doctors diagnosed Justin with autism at 2-years-old, but Justin's parents had a dream for him.

"We just wanted him to grow up with typical acting kids and learn from typical acting kids. It was a lot of struggle because they really had never seen a child like Justin before in Denmark," said Kim Mleziva, Justin's mom.

But then, something amazing happened.

"We witnessed not children that bullied him, not children that made fun of him, we witnessed children than actually took care of him," said Kim.

One of those friends since first grade, Leah, asked Justin to be her prom date.

"Just seeing how he's matured over the years: it's just really great and I want to be the one to experience his first dance with him," said Leah.

"It just really means the world to us that they really do love him, as really a typical," said Kim as Justin walked up to her and gives her a kiss."As you see, he's very loving," said Kim

When it came to this year's prom, no one at the school was surprised the junior class voted to make Justin feel special.

"I call him the mayor of Denmark, of Denmark High School. He just always has a smile. He's always willing to talk to everybody, offer a helping hand and we are very blessed. Everybody needs a Justin," said Laura Chada, a teacher's aide who works with Justin daily.

Saturday night, Justin was with his friends, all decked out in a black and pink tux.

"I will not forget and I will not give up," said Justin.