5 of 6 Badger Bounce Back goals met - at least for today

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 2:44 PM CDT
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The state of Wisconsin is closer than ever to meeting every goal set in the Badger Bounce Back plan for deciding when health officials can start to roll back restrictions on businesses and public gatherings safely.

The Department of Health Services created six gating criteria they are tracking to help determine the spread of COVID-19 and it was slowing. Health officials say their aim is to move from “boxing in” people to “boxing in” the virus.

Of those six hurdles, Wisconsin has cleared five of them. DHS has found a downward trajectory of cases over the past two weeks in which COVID-like symptoms were reported. Over that same period, the percentage of total tests that have come back positive has generally decreased.

There is also a downward trend of COVID-19 cases among health care workers. Additionally, all hospitals are reporting to DHS that they can treat all patients without crisis standards of care and that they have arranged for testing of clinical staff who treat coronavirus patients.

The only goal not met is a downward trend of influenza-like illnesses reported across a two-week span.

All criteria are updated daily except the health care workers one, which is updated weekly. That means whether a goal is met can shift from day to day, depending on the latest updated figures. On previous occasions, a goal once considered met would show that it no longer was.

In fact, the influenza-like criterion

last week, only to change over the weekend.


of new confirmed cases, DHS’ figures show the percentage of total cases that came back positive hit an all-time low, while the total number of new cases were lower than they have been in weeks.