5-year-old boy to receive honorary police funeral after fatal crash

Courtesy of Chief Koval's Blog
Courtesy of Chief Koval's Blog(NBC15)
Published: Jul. 23, 2018 at 7:06 PM CDT
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A five-year-old boy who was killed by a neighbor backing up their vehicle on the west side of Madison on July 13 will receive a honorary police funeral on Monday.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval had met the boy — named Dominic, at the Alliant Energy Center's Kid Expo in early March of this year. Dominic stood out from the rest of the kids at the expo, he didn't want to be a firefighter.

Dominic told Chief Koval he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.

"Bolting from among the hordes of far-too-deliriously happy children playing on that damn red jungle gym came this determined blond-haired kid who seemed to lead with his chin," Koval said in his blog post. "Dominic looked into my eyes and resolutely repeated his pledge to be a cop."

Koval then deputized Dominic by placing a sticker badge on his chest to make it official. Dominic's grandmother took a picture of Koval and Dominic, both of them giving a big thumbs-up. Koval then hugged the young boy.

"You're not likely to easily forget someone who ignores the trend lines of what everybody else is doing. Such was the case for me after less than five minutes with Dominic," Koval said in his blog post.

Koval was on patrol July 13 when he arrived to a crash involving a small boy on the far west side. Dominic's grandmother saw Koval, then walked over to hug him.

"Then I cried right along with Dominic's grandmother," Koval said in his blog post.

The Madison Police Department are among many others, including firefighters and paramedics who have asked to play a role in celebrating the life of Dominic.

At the request of the family, Koval approved the use of the MPD Honor Guard to act as the pallbearers for Dominic's service. Following the funeral, Dominic will be accompanied by a multi-agency motorcycle procession to the cemetery.

"All befitting honors that are accorded to someone who has been given an honorary membership as a police officer with MPD. Thanks for your gifts of how to live a life worth living, Dominic," Koval said in his blog post.

You can read Chief Koval's entire blog post

A GoFundMe page has been started for Dominic. You can donate to the family of Dominic