Baraboo Hemp Maze to educate patrons

Baraboo, Wis (WMTV) -- A Baraboo couple will open a hemp maze to educate patrons about the industrial plant.

Leatherberry Acres’ owners explained it will be a unique and educational way to get lost.

"I just started asking around what kind of mazes should we do, and this guy right here was like 'we should do a hemp maze' and i said 'ehh i don't know about that," Karalee Leatherberry said.

The Leatherberry’s grew four acres of hemp plants. They said the main goal is to educate about the industrial plant using a maze.

"We’ll have educational signs in the hemp maze, and they have to have the knowledge to know which way to go. So you better do your homework," Tyler Leatherberry said.

With every twist and turn, owners said they hope to break negative stereotypes associated with the plant.

"There’s such a large misconception about what hemp actually is. A lot of focus has been on the CBD Oil. We also want to show people how hemp can be used for so many other products like plastics, paper and fiber," Karalee said.

Experts said its important people know an industrial hemp plant and a marijuana plant are two different things, and only one is legal in Wisconsin.

"THC is the cannabinoid that can make you feel high. But to be legal for sale in Wisconsin, CBD products have to have less than .3 percent of THC content,” Sylina Condon, Apple Wellness Consultant said. “Marijuana plants are grown for their higher THC content.”

The crop is now 4 feet tall at Leatherberry Acres and still growing.
The owners said the new hemp maze is an amazing way to learn and get lost.

"We’re excited to teach people about what hemp is rather than the misconception about marijuana," Karalee said.

The hemp maze will open in early August and close in September.
By the time it opens, the owners said the hemp plants will be about 5 to 6 feet tall.

Leatherberry Acres will be the first to open a maze with hemp plants in Wisconsin.