Rev. Nolan trial day 2: Victim says he was never forced into sex with priest

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JEFFERSON, Wis. (WMTV) - The Wisconsin vs. William Nolan trial continues Tuesday after a former priest was charged with molesting an altar boy at a Fort Atkinson church.

Rev. William Nolan in Jefferson County court Tuesday.

The alleged victim and his parents testified in Jefferson County Court Tuesday. NBC15 has chosen to not release the name of the victim and his family out of respect for their privacy.

The trial comes after 66-year-old Rev. William Nolan pleaded not guilty to six felony counts of sexual assault of a child at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Fort Atkinson.

The alleged victim is now 26 years old, but he was in middle school during the alleged sexual assaults.

The victim says he was never forced to participate in the reported sexual encounters that allegedly happened during school, at his church and in Nolan’s home.

He says the acts with the retired priest happened at least 100 times.

“It was quite frequent in 8th grade because we became closer and we built that regular relationship of seeing each other. It became regular on Mondays, if he was in his office,” the victim said in court Tuesday.

"I just remember we kind of had that connection whether it was verbal or non-verbal," the victim says. "We both knew we weren’t going to tell anyone about it.”

During cross examination, Nolan’s attorney said there were many inconsistencies with the alleged victim’s testimony, compared to what the victim told detectives prior to the trial.

On Wednesday more witnesses will take the stand. The trial is set to last until Friday.