Acclaimed violinist Rachel Barton Pine plays with Madison Symphony Orchestra

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- She's played with the Chicago Symphony, the Royal Scottish Philharmonic and the Belgian and Russian national orchestras, and now, Rachel Barton Pine is coming to Madison.

Rachel Barton Pine

This weekend, violinist Pine is a special guest performer with the Madison Symphony Orchestra and will be performing the Khachaturian Violin Concerto, a big, bold and beautiful piece of work in its MSO premiere. Pine will have her 39th CD available for early sale at the concerts.

"I just feel super lucky to record so many passion projects for these listeners,” Pine says.

She is known for packing emotion behind her performances, and has international awards to back her talents. Pine has traveled the world performing for decades. Her rise to fame didn't come without struggles.

"When I was growing up as a kid, my father was unemployed for most of my childhood. It was a very tenuous existence, our phone and electricity were cut off,” she says.

Now successful, she says she is inspired to give back to those in need.

"A scholarship will pay for your lessons, but that is just not enough for some families. That is just not enough for some families,” Pines says.

She's helped 100 kids cover costs outside of music classes through her foundation, the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation.

Pine also teaches master classes across the world, customizing each one for each student.

"There is actually a riff in the concerto is like a riff from one of my favorite Anthrax songs,” she says. Pine loves rock. "Like total heavy metal,” she says, laughing.

Beyond her childhood, Pine faced hard times at 20 years old, when her violin bag got stuck in a Chicago train door, taking it with her. She lost her left leg and right foot.

"It wasn't perhaps as life-changing as one would imagine,” she says. “While it was a very serious medical situation, it was just another road block and I had to get passed to pursue my dream.”

While unexpected challenges can cause riffs in your plans, Pine’s passion for playing violin put the bad behind her, and guided her to the light.

You can hear Pine yourself this weekend performing with the Madison Symphony Orchestra at the Overture Center. She is also having a special early release of her newest CD for sale after the show.