2019 weather pattern delays planting, harvest seasons for farmers

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - A rainy spring set back the planting season for area farmers which means many of them are working to finish out the harvest by mid-November.

Nick Baker, an agriculture agent with UW-Extension Rock County, says most farmers would typically be done by now.

“The end date should have been three weeks ago,” Baker said. “This is one of those years where you just want to finish the best you can, put your equipment in the shed and not think about it again.”

John Reilly owns his family farm in Rock County and harvests soybeans, corn, and wheat.

“It’s challenging,” Reilly said. “It’s nothing anybody in the past hasn’t gone through.”

Reilly has finished his harvest for the most part, but is helping farmers around the county.

“Everybody works together,” said Reilly. “I’ve got a few close friends that help me out. We try and help each other out.”

Snowfall at the end of October hasn’t helped farmers who grow soybeans, which are typically done by the end of September.

“We can’t harvest because we’ve got four to six inches of plant that’s under a snow drift,” explained Baker.

Between 40 to 50 % of Rock County soybeans remain unharvested and about 50 % of the corn crops in the county remain in the ground.

“it's just been one of those years, you keep waiting for the good weather to come and it hasn't happened yet,” said Baker.

Farmers are hoping to put their equipment away and turn the page on another calendar year.

“Maybe next year will be a good year,” said Reilly. “Maybe it will be nice and easy.”