UW-Madison to serve mushroom-blended burger in effort to be sustainable

The Applegate Great Organic Blended Burger the UW-Madison plans to serve (Source: UW-Madison).
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- UW-Madison plans to serve a new burger blend in dining halls with 70 percent beef, 30 percent mushroom, in an effort to be more environmentally sustainable.

The university says it is introducing the Applegate Great Organic Blended Burger this year as students express concern about what goes into their food.

This is the second year the university has served blended burgers – burgers that contain some beef.

“(The) juicier, more umami-flavored burger was a very easy decision,” said dining and culinary services director Peter Testory in a release Tuesday.

“While this is just a little change, to be 30% less ground beef per burger and not affect the quality and taste that a full 100% ground beef hamburger eater is used to … is something that everyone can get behind,” according to Testory.