You'd never guess what Wisconsin's top spelling search in Google is

Photo courtesy: MGN/Google
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Wisconsin might have one of the strangest top spelling searches, according to a new map from Google Trends: "illustrator."

Google posted to Twitter this week with a map showing each of the 50 states' top spelling searches. The tech conglomerate says these are the top words used after writing "how do you spell.." in the search engine.

Now some states can be proud of their top words. Illinois came out with "beautiful," Indiana with "listen," Iowa with "choir" and New Mexico with "Auntie." And special kudos to Oklahoma, where they are trying to spell "sprinkles."

Others are a little more unsettling, with Mississippi's top search as "bidet" (in case you are wondering, it's a hand-held nozzle for cleaning one's underside), Alabama with "deodorant" and Virginia coming in with, of course, "Virginia."

Why Wisconsin's top spelling search is "illustrator" is a mystery to us.