Cancer patient's wish granted by DeForest PD

DEFOREST, Wis. (WMTV) -- The DeForest Police Department swore in a new police officer Tuesday morning, but only for the day.

The smile on 8-year-old Mackenzie Clyde’s face says it all. Her wish is granted: to become a police officer for the day.

Last May, Mackenzie was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer that caused four tumors in her head and a string of two more in her spine.

Since her diagnosis last May, Mackenzie has gone through 31 sessions of radiation, and seven months of chemotherapy. The treatment helped shrink Mackenzie’s tumors, but she isn’t cured.

That’s why an opportunity to join the force is so special.

“Cancer can definitely steal your joy sometimes if you are not careful to let it not do so,” says Courtney Clyde, Mackenzie’s mom. “So when you get opportunities like this when people are willing to really donate of themselves and their time to provide such a great opportunity, it's just so much fun and it's so incredible."

Mackenzie was sworn in Tuesday morning, and started her time as an officer right away: she was issued a DeForest police officer uniform, took a ride in a squad car, turned on the lights, and even hit the “shooting range” to pop some balloons.

“I think the idea of being a police officer sounded fun, and I think she also really loves helping people. And we know that police officers spend most of their time helping,” Courtney Clyde tells NBC15 News.

While officers showed Mackenzie the ropes for the day, they also feel there’s much to learn from the 8-year-old.

“Just hearing about Mackenzie's story, and being part of something and helping her make the best day of her life. That's something that I want to be part of,” says Officer Haley Loughran, DeForest Police Department.

Mackenzie’s cancer isn’t cured, but is at a stable point. Doctors continue to monitor her brain scans closely, to stay on top of the tumors.