$9M Expansion at Cascade Mountain

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PORTAGE, Wis. (WMTV) -- A Popular local ski and snowboarding destination is making a multi-million dollar expansion this year.

Cascade Mountain is located just off interstate 90-94 in Portage.

"Cascade opened in 1962 with one chair lift, 17 employees and 70 customers,” said Randy Axelson, Cascade Mountain spokesperson.

The family owned business has come a long way since then.

"Lift after lift and trail after trail,” said Axelson.

But this year's $9 million expansion is their biggest expansion.

"Everywhere you go there's always something going on. This guy is clearing a trail, these guys are building a bridge,” said Axelson.

"It's been a really busy summer,” said Matthew Vohs, Cascade Mountain manager.

"I grew up in the Portage area,” said Vohs.

Vohs has a lot of memories at Cascade Mountain.

"It's cool to see where this place has gone since I skied here as a kid,” said Vohs.

The first of a three phase project is a $9 million expansion that is expected to be complete this winter season.

This includes eight new trails, an expanded main lodge, a bridge connecting the East hill to the West side, paved parking, and the addition of two new ski lifts including the Cindy Pop Express that goes about three football fields further up a hill.

"It goes extremely fast. It gets you up the hill in half the time a normal ski lift would,” said Vohs.

And the business says they won't have problem making snow.

"We've added 55 new snow machines to the fleet. That takes us near 200 snow machines,” sad Vohs.

It's been all hands on deck to get this first phase finished.
And now, they can't wait for old man winter to make a comeback.

"If we can get some of these projects tied up and the snow starts to fly, chair lifts start moving it really boosts the moral of the employees here,” said Vohs.

Cascade Mountain started making snow this weekend. Phase two and three includes more trails and more lifts. Phase two is expected to begin in five years.

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