Celebrate Earth Day: how we can make a difference

Celebrate Earth Day: how we can make a difference

Happy Eco-New Year!

This year marks the 42nd Earth Day Celebration, the day we appreciate our planet and bring attention to the need to protect our fragile eco-system. This year's theme, "Mobilize the Earth" calls us to action now, underscoring the urgent need to change our behaviors, noting: "the Earth can't wait." While many of us are making planet-friendly lifestyle choices everyday (from what we eat to where we shop, to how we transport ourselves), who can we make the most of April 22nd?

As a dental office that makes the planet a priority every day, we like to think of Earth Day as our Eco-New Year. Included here are some fun resources, easy to implement eco-tips, and a dash of inspiration to help you set goals for the year ahead.

A Dentist Celebrates Earth Day?
Indeed we do! We are members of the Eco-Dentistry Association, an international, educational, and standard-setting organization for green dental offices. Our office is among the high-tech, wellness-based denal professionals on the leading edge of greening our industry. Check out the website for EDA at Click here for more information about www.ecodentistry.com for oral products recommendations, and a look at the staggering waste and pollution statistics that are by-products of the old way of practicing dentistry.

Pat Yourself on the Back
Every New Year's celebration should include taking a look at what worked well in the prior year, and what initiatives we want to continue. Earth Day is a great time to celebrate our planet-saving accomplishments.

Practically Green website gives you points for your green habits, and helps you celebrate your successes to find your perfect shade of green: www.practicallygreen.com. Take their free eco-quiz and launch your profile to find out just how green you are. They have thousands of ways to make a big difference. When you implement a group of initiatives in one category, such as fitness or shopping, you earn a badge! Practically Green is a great way to involve friends and family because it has an easy tracking system that helps you celebrate every earth-saving success. Set up friendly competitions, or reward your kids for every badge earned.

Inspire Others - Small Acts, Big Results!
Our global environment problems are so big that it can feel like one person can't possibly make a difference. Not true! One of the most important actions you can take this year is to share how easy and fulfilling it is to incorporate aspects of a green lifestyle.

People who visit a green dental office are exposed to less radiation and fewer toxic chemicals than those visiting traditional dental offices. Green dentistry is also preventive and wellness-based, offering green dental patients the opprotunity for early, less invasive and often less costly treatment options.

Want to go greener? Join Madison No Fear Dentistry's "Save 90 A Day" Campaign to celebrate Earth Day! Pledge to turn the water off while you brush your teeth and save up to ninety glasses of water EVERY day! Register your commitment here: www.ecodentistry.org/?save90adaypublic.

Your Actions Count!
The Earth Day organizers have set a goal of documenting one billion individual eco-friendly acts from around the globe in a campaign called "A Billion Acts of Green." Log into the website, http://act.earthday.org, and submit your green acts.

Here are some tips for creating Earth Day goals:

1) Involve friends and family: Invite those closest to you to join you in tracking and celebrating your eco-friendly successes. Both Practically Green and A Billion Acts of Green are great ways to create a virtual green community.

2) Green your food: While many of us are already purchasing organic or loal food and avoiding additives, look for other ways to reduce your food-print. Consider committing to one meatless meal a week, or bringing lunches in reusable (and cheaper!) containers. Maybe it's time to start your own garden!

3) Green your commute: Just as most of our lives are spent at work, for many of us, most of our travel is to and from work. Consider taking a public transit, riding a bike, or carpooling a couple days a week.

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