Pets rescued by plane, delivered to Underdogs' shelter

Published: Nov. 27, 2019 at 6:17 PM CST
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A local retired pilot is using his skills to transport animals in need to Underdog Pet Rescue in Madison to give them a better shot at finding a forever home.

Pilot N Paws aims to save the lives of innocent animals by transporting them to shelters. One volunteer pilot picked up animals from down south and they're already steps closer to a better life.

"They're great pets and they're in a bad situation and if we can move them here to Madison that puts them in a better spot and forever homes," Mike Peters, Pilot n Paws Volunteer Pilot said.

For nearly three decades, Peters spent most of his time in the sky as an airline pilot.

"Now I do this in my spare time for fun and it's very rewarding it teaches their kids to give back," Peters said.

Last weekend, he brought back precious cargo from Mississippi - three dogs and a kitten.

Samson and Petey are two from the bunch in search of a better life.

Peters said seeing everything come full circle makes every flight worth it.

“You get to see them from their worst and now at their best. They get to live out a happy life when the situation before wasn't always the best." Peters said.

Today he was able to see it first-hand.

"Today we are taking Pete home to his forever home," Carl Corz, Madison Resident said.

Within three hours of being on the ground, the Corz family fell in love with Petey.

"As you can see he's just a big bundle of love so we're really excited to get him home," Corz said.

Petey is a special needs dog. He can't hear, but that doesn't stop him from feeling the love and affection from his new family.

Corz said people in the "giving spirit" should consider bringing a dog home for the holidays because plenty of dogs need homes and Petey was one of them.

"Especially around this time of year we think a lot more about what you can give back and here's a great dog who needed a home. Someone thought he was worth saving, and we did too,” Corz said.

There are a few more pets that came off the plane and still need a forever home. For details on how to adopt, head over to Underdog Pet Rescue’s website.

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