SAVE A LIFE: recent push for more AEDs and CPR training

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 8:40 PM CST
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Cardiac arrest can take someone's life within minutes, unless someone else steps in and begins CPR. Dane County's Public Safety Department is actively beginning an initiative to get more people to register with an app they use in for CPR.

The app isn't new, but it is gaining more popularity. It's called Pulse Point.

Carrie Meier is the Dane County EMS Coordinator. She says their 9-1-1 Center uses Pulse Point, and it hoping to get more businesses to register their AEDs on the app, as well as more people who know CPR.

"Our dispatchers can put out the notification that someone is having a cardiac arrest, and it will let people who are CPR certified within .25 mile away know about the incident," Meier said.

The local organization Cardiac on Campus started after a student passed away from a cardiac event following a half marathon. The group recently donated their third AED at a residence hall on UW's campus. Cardiac on Campus has also taught hundreds of people how to do CPR. They believe it is important to raise awareness that young people can also suffer from cardiac incidents, not just older adults.

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