Adams County road torn in half by floods

Published: Mar. 18, 2019 at 4:59 PM CDT
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A severe crash serves as a reminder to always obey road signs.

A vehicle ignored the "road closed" signs on Saturday and plummeted into a hole on Highway J in Adams County. Major flood waters created that hole last week. A culvert flows underneath the road about six miles east of Friendship. The creek turned into a rushing river.

"Reminiscent of the Colorado River. Raging," said Pat Pare, patrol superintendent for the Adams County Highway Department. "Water has a lot of force and we’ve seen this several times over the last year, for sure, with the high rains last fall. But it has a lot of power it can do a lot of devastation,"

On Saturday morning, a woman driving a red Volkswagen decided to ignore the signs.

"A motorist decided to go around our barricades and was trying to get to the Westfield area and did not see the hole in the road," said Pare. "On my way out here I was worried that someone was seriously hurt or worse. Luckily she is alive but she did suffer significant injuries as a result of the accident,"

Pare says the repairs to the road won't happen for some time.

"This is going to be closed for quite a long time. At this point the actual work, the repair itself would take three days to a week. But right now we have no usable material to build this road back up,"

Adams County was hit hard with flooding from last fall and still hasn't fully recovered. "We are still working on clean up efforts and restoration efforts from last fall yet so here’s a whole another round of here we go again," added Pare.

Adams County told NBC15 that the flooding last week affected around 40 to 50 percent of all their roads. Four families in Adams County have been displaced by the flooding.