Agrace Hospice Care Getting Groundskeeping Help from Goats

Published: Jun. 3, 2016 at 5:31 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Agrace Hospice Care is getting help from a group of goats who are cleaning up their unwanted plant overgrowth.

This is the second year Agrace has hired the goats to come in and clean up their brush. They say it only costs about $3 a day and allows them to get rid of unwanted plants without the use of chemicals.

The Green Goats is a service based out of Kenosha and Green County Wisconsin. Depending on how much land the goats are hired to clear, you can rent their services for days at a time.

The goats clear out unwanted species like honeysuckle and buckthorn. After three or four years of repeat grazing the goats can eliminate up to 95% of these invasive plants.

This year, Agrace is raising money with the help of their lawn care management goats. All of the goats cleaning up Agrace this week are young and unnamed. With a $50 donation to Agrace you can name a goat and get more information about them.

Administrators at Agrace Hospice Care say it's a fun way for them to get the yard work done and their patients and their families enjoy watching them work.

To donate and name a goat go to and note in the comment box that you are donating to name a goat. You can also email For information on what your donation will go towards head to

To hire a group of grazing goats to come help with your lawn work check out