App helps parents limit kid's social media use

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 at 8:30 AM CST
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A new app called Pyxsee aims to make social media scrolling more efficient, and limit the amount of time spent on mobile devices.

The app was created by University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh senior Dayne Rusch.

Rusch said his app allows people to access almost all their social media accounts from one central location. It also tracks how long people spend on each app, giving them the ability to see their total time spent on social media every day.

Rusch hopes the app limits the social media addiction crisis seen within today's youth.

"They come home. They had a bad day school and they rely on their social media to bring them up," said Rusch, "They're looking on their social media and seeing celebrities with money, nice cars, pools and they compare it to their own lives."

In his research, he learned kids spend more than two hours a day on social media. This is why a new feature on the app let's parents set a timer, which limits how long their kids can spend on social media.

"If a parent doesn't want their kid spending time on social media during school, before bed or even at the dinner table parents can now block their kids' social media usage for those time periods," said Rusch.

Currently, Pyxsee is available for iOS, but Rusch said they're working to develop and Android version. The app can be found free in the Apple App. Store, but there is a fee to use the parental control feature.

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