Arena Village Board said they don't have a flooding solution

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 10:43 PM CDT
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Arena Village Board officials called a special meeting to discuss flooding concerns throughout the community.

Board officials said flooding is a water table issue across the board, and they don’t have a solution at this time.

The Prochaska family continues to battle a front yard full of standing water. After the meeting, the family said they now feel like they're on their own.

"It's beyond tough. We’re just done with it. We're so over it," Stacie Prochaska, Arena Resident said.

Stacie is a prisoner in her own home. She's in a wheelchair and has been stuck inside for a week.

"If we don't pump out water, we don't know what would happen. I'm sure we have a lake underneath our house too. My husband is scared to look," Stacie said.

Last week the Arena Fire Department sandbagged the garage, but Stacie said the water continues to rise.

"It's enough that if we remove the sandbags and open the garage doors then all the water will flow into the garage,” she said.

The water in the driveway is nearly a foot deep.

Village board officials listened to a handful of concerns at the meeting from community members including Stacie’s husband, Bill.

"It doesn't seem like I'm being heard until I lose my house," Bill Prochaska said. "We're kind of living in a bowl and it's filling up,"

The Prochaska family isn't the only one. More community members came forward to address flooding concerns in Arena.

Bill said he feels like this is a battle he and his wife are fighting alone.

"I always figured it was my job to make it better, but we can only do what we can do," Bill said.

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