Arena woman battles flooding yard for over a decade

Published: Oct. 2, 2019 at 6:43 PM CDT
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An Arena woman is looking for a solution after the rain from last night left her with a front yard full of standing water.

"Every day we have a lake," Stacie Prochaska, Arena Resident said.

The lake Prochaska is referring to is the front yard of her home.

“Well Last night when I got home. I noticed the water had gotten high and as I came into the garage, the water was coming into the garage," she said.

Prochaska is in a wheelchair so the garage is as far as she can go.

"Normally I would go down the ramp, bring the ramp out of my van and get in,” she said.

However, today is different. The sandbags are blocking the water from getting in and Prochaska from getting out.

The Arena Fire Department sandbagged the area, but it's only a temporary fix.

"Until the water goes down, this will keep this rain and any future rain from creeping into their garage even farther," Todd Pinkham, Arena Fire Department Safety Officer said.

It's a waiting game that Prochaska doesn't want to play.

"It's so devastating. It's frustrating. We get so tired of dealing with water and not being able to move it anywhere,” she said. “The water just stays so it doesn't go anywhere and the groundwater is high so it doesn't have anywhere to soak into."

She added selling the home isn’t ideal under the wet circumstances.

"How can we sell it when it looks like this and it's never dry?" she said.

It's a battle she's been fighting for over a decade and now she said she’s in too deep.

"Since there's no water in the house then we don't get any assistance. We just have to wait until the water to go down or try to pump it across the street or wherever we can move the water to," Prochaska said.

We spoke with the Arena Village Board President, but she did not want to go on camera. She said the village is doing the best they can by providing sandbags, and they plan to talk further about a more permanent solution.

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