Bucky on Parade: Artists remember star wrestler

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A pair of artists crafted one Bucky showcasing the life of a special young man.

Brenda Joyce and Lexi Heiser created “It’s Always Construction Season Bucky” and it was meant to be a reminder of memories.

“The whole concept of the Bucky was to try and capture points in time that not just one person has had, but multiple people, so that it invokes a memory,” said the artists.

A UW wrestler, who helped load the Bucky statues for delivery, noticed he was on one of the statues. Junior Eli Stickley was excited to find himself alongside Badger icons like Dayne and Kaminsky.

Two months later, Eli died in a car accident near the Quad Cities in Illinois. He was 21-year-old.

After Eli died, the Stickley family asked if they could buy the Bucky. The owner, Chris Homburg, considered it, but the statue has sentimental value for his family after Homburg’s father died unexpectedly a couple of years ago. His picture is also on the Bucky.

Instead, the Homburgs are working with the UW to contribute towards a scholarship in Eli’s honor.