Assisted living home surprises couple with 60th wedding anniversary party

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RIO, Wis. (WMTV) -- The owner of the At Home Again Assisted Living complex heard about a couple celebrating 60 years, and knew she, "had to throw a celebration."

Alexandra Hasselberger says her two residents, Jerry and Janet Jevens are an amazing couple. She enjoys their stories, and laughs.

"Janet is definitely the mouth, but Jerry is so sweet," Hasselberger said.

Hasselberger decided to throw a wedding renewal ceremony for the couple that is slowly losing their memory. She found people to volunteer their time to officiate, play piano, make a cake, provide chairs, and help decorate their living room.

"Oh it was a surprise," Janet said with a smile and laugh.

Hassleberger and her staff had a dress, shoes, and jewelry ready for Janet to wear.

"Everything felt perfect," Hasselberger said.