At least 20 snowy owls spotted this fall in Wisconsin: DNR

A snowy owl. (Courtesy of WBAY)
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- The snowy owl is making its return to Wisconsin this winter, as the DNR reports at least 20 sightings across the state.

In a release on Monday, the state DNR reported at least 20 sightings across 12 Wisconsin counties, stretching from Bayfield and Door in the north to Crawford and Milwaukee in the south.

No sightings of snowy owls have been reported in southcentral Wisconsin, however.

You can take a look at a map of the reported sightings on the DNR's website here.

Most of the snowy owls reported so far this winter have been adults, the DNR says, which suggests few birds were born on arctic breeding grounds this year.

The 20 snowy owls reported is higher than 2016, when five were spotted. But it's less than last year, when 30 owls were documented by late November. In 2017, 94 were documented.