Attorney General-elect calls lame-duck horrible

Josh Kaul Campaign
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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin's Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul says the Republican lame-duck proposals that would limit powers of the attorney general's office are "horrible" and should be rejected.

Kaul said in an interview Sunday that no rationale has been offered for the measures. He says Republicans are trying to undermine results of the November election. Kaul defeated Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel and Democrat Tony Evers defeated Gov. Scott Walker. Other bills would weaken the governor's powers and move the 2020 presidential primary.

One measure would essentially allow the Legislature to hire outside attorneys rather than rely on the attorney general to defend challenges to laws it passed.

Kaul says, "In an advanced democracy, this is not how the process is supposed to work."

Evers says he's exploring all options for stopping the bills, including lawsuits. Kaul, an attorney, wouldn't comment on potential legal action.