WATCH: Dump truck with bed in the air slams into bridge in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WMTV) -- A driver is lucky to escape without injuries after the raised bed of his dump truck slammed into a concrete bridge in Milwaukee Thursday.

The dump truck approaching the bridge with its bed raised. (Source: Jim Witkowski)

The entire incident was caught on camera, showing the truck approach the bridge with the truck's bed raised high into the air.

When the truck drives under the bridge, you can hear the deep thud of the metal of the bed bashing into the concrete bridge, near the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport

Jim Witkowski, who captured video of the crash, tells FOX6 that "I thought he's probably going to hit the switch and lower it. I looked again and I could see the bed was up and the truck was coming."

Witkowski says he tried to alert the driver by driving along side, but it was too late.

"So all I did was grab my cellphone, hit video, and two seconds later, you can see in the video that truck went by me and then, BAM right into the tunnel," Witkowski says.

He adds that when he ran up to the truck, he found the driver to be uninjured. The dump truck was soon hauled away and the damage cleared from the roadway.

(Source: Jim Witkowski)