BLM signs defaced with KKK graffiti in Madison

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 10:07 PM CDT
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Community members say they're outraged after Black Lives Matter signs were defaced with KKK graffiti Sunday night in Madison.

If you're driving down Milwaukee Street, Allison Werner said she's making sure her house stands out.

"We decided we needed to do more than what we have been doing and wanted to put the signs up in our neighborhood to express our feelings," Werner, resident said.

Posters fill the windows and signs are across the yard to call attention to change at Werner's home.

"It's so important everyone reminds themselves of America's history. Our past is something we have to work hard to improve and learn from," Werner said.

Community members in the East Morland neighborhood added the "Black Lives Matters" signs to their yards within the last week.

But some woke up Monday morning to graffiti.

"When I saw the post this morning about the signs it was heartbreaking," Werner said.

The letters, KKK, were in red writing spotted on several BLM signs.

"Unfortunately, this is a reminder that we have a long way to go to change things here in this city," she said. "I want fellow people who are white people like me to know it is important to stand up and be allies we can't just sit by and be quiet."

Angela Marchant collected the signs for the neighborhood, and she said the messages of hate won't stop their commitment to justice.

"I'm enraged but not surprised this would happen here." Marchant, resident said.

Marchant ordered 50 signs for the neighborhood after community members expressed interest. She said the signs of hate illustrate the fight for justice is far from over.

"The work can't stop with putting a sign in the yard, It's certainly not going to stop us from moving forward," Marchant said. "I think it's an example of explicit racism that's in our community. It's nothing new.”

"Our world, our city, our country is far from fair for everyone. We need a lot more change to fix that,” Werner said.

Community members said they filed a police report about the incident.