Charges filed against Badger football wide receiver

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Badger football wide receiver Quintez Cephus announced on Aug. 18, he was being forced to take a leave of absence due to unspecified charges from an incident that occurred in April.

Charges were filed against Cephus on Aug. 20. The charges include third degree sexual assault and second degree sex assault involving an intoxicated victim.

Madison Police Department Public Information Officer Joel Despain released a statement on Aug. 20. Two women told police Cephus sexually assaulted them, according to the statement.

The criminal complaint revealed Cephus is accused of having sex with two women without their consent on April 22, 2018, two days after the final spring practice.

According to the criminal complaint, Victim No. 1 was introduced to Cephus on the afternoon of April 21 and talked about potentially meeting up after a football party. Victim No. 1 said Victim No. 2 was "really drunk" when she was introduced to Cephus at the Double U, a downtown bar.

Victim No. 1 said she knew Cephus was sober because she offered him a drink and he declined it, saying "No, I am driving."

Cephus reportedly asked the victims if they wanted to leave because the bar was crowded, and Victim No. 1 said yes. The complaint noted Cephus drove them to his apartment, but Victim No. 1 said she couldn't remember the drive at all.

Victim No. 1 said that the next thing she knew, she looked over and saw Victim No. 2 next to her on a bed, and they were both naked.

Victim No. 1 said Cephus inappropriately touched both victims and had sex with both of them without their consent. Victim No. 1 told officials she blacked out and woke up to Cephus having sex with her. She then saw a light going off.

"So I like woke up and looked behind me and he and his roommate... were taking pictures of me," Victim No. 1 said.

She told Cephus and the roommate to delete the picture, which reportedly showed both victims naked. Cephus at first denied that any pictures were taken but then said "We got one picture and then she asked me to delete it."

Cephus said he deleted it from his "recently deleted" pictures and said it wasn't sent to anyone. Cephus said he did not remember who the picture was of and said it was on the roommate's phone.

The roommate said that he was with Cephus and the two victims and saw Victim No. 1 drinking at Double U. He didn't see Victim No. 2 drinking but told a detective he could tell she was drunk because of "the way she was carrying herself."

There are currently no charges against the roommate.

The next day, April 22 at 7 a.m., Victim No. 1 told Victim No. 2 that she was at the hospital and told Victim No. 2 "She was getting a rape kit done and you should come too." Victim No. 2 asked Victim No. 1 why she needed one, asking if Cephus had sex with her, and Victim No. 1 said yes.

Victim No. 2 said she had no memory of having sex with anyone that night because she was "in a black out" from being too intoxicated. She said she doesn't remember being introduced to Cephus and said the next thing she remembered was being in his car.

Victim No. 2 said the next thing she remembered was sprinting out of the apartment crying at around 2:30 a.m. She said she didn't remember why she was crying.

"I don't remember getting home. I don't remember walking into my apartment. I don't remember anything else," Victim No. 2 said.

According to the complaint, when Victim No. 1 told Victim No. 2 about what happened, she was shocked and "grossed out."

"I know I would never consent to have sex with someone I don't know," Victim No. 2 said.

Cephus told a detective that he met Victim No. 1 on April 21 and they had sex, but said "It was all good. She was all into it."

He went on to explain that he also had sex with Victim No. 2.

A secretary who talked directly to District Attorney Ishmael Ozanne said at 10:30 a.m., Aug. 23, Cephus will be in Dane County Court.

Cephus tweeted on Aug. 18, that his lawyers informed him the Dane County District Attorney's Office will be issuing the charges leading to a three-plus month investigation.

Cephus said he was wrongfully accused and innocent regarding allegations associated with a consensual relationship.

As the football season approaches, Cephus said he will be focusing his attention to clear his name.

Cephus led the Badgers in receiving touchdowns last season with six, despite only playing in nine games due to a season-ending leg injury. He had 30 catches for 501 yards.