Baraboo officer cleans garage for vandalism victim

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BARABOO, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Baraboo Police Department said one of its officers went above and beyond by helping the victim of vandalism clean off his garage on Wednesday morning.

Before and after pictures of the garage - Baraboo Police Department

Authorities said officers received several complaints of vandalism that happened overnight. One of the victims was an elderly man.

Officer Mike Pichler said he went to a local hardware store, purchased the cleaning products with his own money, and cleaned up the vandalism for the .

"It wasn't a huge expense, but I know it probably meant more to the homeowner," Pichler said

The homeowner, Roger Weisheim, said he grew up in the same home and never experienced anything like this.

ā€œIā€™m shocked. This is Baraboo, this is a small town,ā€ Weisheim said.

He said when officers knocked on his door in the morning, the graffiti was already mostly cleaned up.

"By the time I got dressed and got out here they had pretty much cleaned most of it off for me," he said.

Pichler said he gave the leftover products to a second victim of vandalism on the back of his garage.

In a Facebook post, the department said: "This is one example of how our officers go above and beyond everyday for our community and we wanted to share this example with you."

Police are asking for help to find the vandals. They said if you have any information or surveillance footage from your home camera systems, please contact the Baraboo Police Department at 608-355-2720.