UW Poll: Sanders leads in WI primary; all Dems hold edge vs.Trump

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A new survey shows that Senator Bernie Sanders has a sizable lead ahead of the Wisconsin primary among Democratic voters.

The findings come from the first UW-Madison Elections Research Center Battleground Survey of 2020. The Wisconsin Poll is conducted in collaboration with the Wisconsin State Journal.

Democratic candidates either slightly lead or are tied with President Trump in head-to-head comparisons in Wisconsin for general election scenarios, although the differences are generally within the statistical margin of error.

Surveys were conducted in three major battleground states. Sanders also had a sizable lead in Michigan, but the survey found a closer contest among Democrats in Pennsylvania.

In a series of general election match ups, all three states appear to be up for grabs in November. For the Wisconsin primaries on April 7 specifically, the survey polled registered voters who plan to vote in the Democratic primary.

In Wisconsin, Sanders leads with 30%, followed by Biden (13%), Bloomberg (13%), Buttigieg (12%), Warren (12%) and Klobuchar (9%). Not sure/other is 11%.

More results and information about the poll are available online.

Earlier this week, a poll found President Donald Trump comfortably leading every single potential Democratic challenger among voters in a general election scenario. The Quinnipiac poll also targeted three battleground states.