Beepa's in Beloit sweeps at State Fair

Published: Aug. 28, 2019 at 11:16 AM CDT
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Beepa's in Beloit brought home its share of awards from the State Fair, accolades the team is hoping to use to continue to grow their business.

The business cooks up sauces, starters, and pickled vegetables from its kitchen in Beloit. Despite having submitted goods to competitions in the Wisconsin State Fair in the past, this past year was the best the business has ever performed.

"We actually took first, second, and third, so we swept the board," said Roger Turner, an owner and operator of Beepa's.

Turner said in first place in their category was their spaghetti sauce, which he said is also their number one seller. In second was their Goulash starter, and in third was their Sloppy Joe sauce. They also won in the Bold Beverage category with their Bloody Mary Mix.

With the recognition, Turner said they are hoping to keep the momentum in growing their business.

"We're doing baby steps but we're growing, we're currently in about 26 grocery stores now, hoping to be in a couple hundred," he said. Turner said they cook all of their products out of one kitchen, and are now working with L&L Foods out of Verona to distribute their products.

Beepa's has been around for almost three years, and was created from family recipes from the man Turner calls his "brother from another mother," Justin Fjalstad.

"Everybody was like, hey, can I get some beans? Every time it gets near Thanksgiving, people are asking, asking, oh, you guys should go into business," he said. "Things worked out where we partnered together, and we said let's do it."

It was not only Fjalstad's recipes, but his grandfather, who serve as the inspiration for the business. The name "Beepa" was a family nickname for Fjalstad's grandfather.

From those original beans, the team worked to increase their products, and get into grocery stores.

Moving forward, Turner said they're hoping to have a grand opening soon, and are contemplating renovations and even an expansion to their location.

"It's like they say, when you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life," he said.

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