Belleville's Community Park floods

VILLAGE OF BELLEVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) -- Community Park in Belleville is full of water Friday with the Sugar River flooding. Village staff said the water is receding and is about eight feet in the park right now. The park’s walking bridge has been closed since August because of historic flooding over the summer.

Village Administrator Brian Wilson said repairs to that bridge will have to wait. Wilson said village staff learned a lot after last summer’s flooding.

"We didn't have a good plan for managing all the volunteers that showed up then. So we knew this time, if there was going to be a FEMA disaster, we'd have to have a check-in process with volunteers and have a little more direction and control for them. The emergency management committee has met a number of times, public works... the gates on the dam were already wide open. So we were doing what we could," said Wilson.

Belleville Fire Chief Brian Hollis said the flooding right now doesn't compare to what the village experienced in August.

“Probably six, maybe even eight feet higher than this.The fire department did flood at that point. We had about three feet of water in the basement of the fire station at that time. So we were watching it, the police department was surveying it all night long in case we had to come in and do some sandbagging but it never got to a level that we were that concerned," said Hollis.