Beloit Turner School District to install cameras on buses to stop illegal passing

Published: Mar. 22, 2019 at 3:05 PM CDT
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Police said the Beloit Turner School District will install video cameras on its school buses in an effort to stop cars from passing buses that have flashing red lights and a stop arm extended.

In a press release from the Town of Beloit Police Department, Chief Ronald Northrop said the department and the school district partnered in Operation Cop on a Bus (COAB), during a seven-day operation in March.

Northrop said an officer was assigned to ride bus routes that were identified as problematic during the weeks of March 11 and March 18. A second officer followed in an unmarked squad, and issued citations to drivers who passed the buses with the stop arm out and red lights flashing.

Police said seven citations were issued during the operation.

The Beloit Turner School District will install the cameras during spring break, and they will be in operation as soon as school is back in session, according to the press release. Northrop said "these cameras will assist law enforcement to more effectively enforce violations."

Officials said drivers should assume every bus has an officer on it, and should stop for buses that have their stop arms extended and red lights flashing. Citations will be issued to drivers who are caught passing the buses on camera.

Northrop said the police department "will continue to work with the Turner School District to ensure the safety of their students."

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