Beloved Madison crossing guard retires

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- After years manning the same crosswalk, crossing guard Kearn Blocker retired Wednesday after one final shift.

Blocker has been working at the intersection of Pflaum Rd. and Maher Ave. for seven years, making sure everyone gets across the street safely.

"I enjoy being out here, I enjoy the community, the neighborhood. They're quite friendly," Blocker said.

However, Blocker is more than just a crossing guard. His positive attitude and his habit of waving to every driver who passes by have made him into a local celebrity.

"People who've never met him, who don't even know his name, know about the crossing guard at the corner of Pflaum and Maher," said Virginia Kravik, a crossing guard supervisor.

Blocker worked his final shift Wednesday afternoon. He is retiring because of several health issues.

During his shift, several neighbors and families came out to say goodbye and thank you, even bringing him some cookies as a parting gift.

"I will miss him as will everyone else who encountered him. He will be greatly missed," Kravik said.

Blocker said he will miss his job, but he is grateful to the community for making him feel welcome.

"It makes you feel like it is worth it and makes me feel very appreciated and it's a joy," he said.

Blocker plans to use his free time in retirement to work on his artwork — his true passion — and to spend more time with his family and grandchildren.